Many of you know this place and yet do not know this place. Yes, it’s the corner gas station that former owner Moe Champoux owned for 35 years. However, it is nothing like an old corner gas station anymore!
     We have local area owners providing local products from certified kitchens, vegetable gardens, and workshops, such as Scarinza’s Sugarhouse, Mount Cabot Maple, Six Acre Farm, Stonefish Bakery, Saladino’s, Sister’s Candy Shop, Corrigan Screen Printing and Swain Family and Middle Intervale Farms, etc…
     We have added a variety of specialty cheeses, wines, and high-end crackers, and we built a brand-new 10- by 12-foot kitchen where we prepare seasonal food: pizza, hot dogs, cold sandwiches and chicken fingers; plus soup, American chop suey and Chinese pie (corn, ground beef, and potatoes).
     We plan to add an office this coming year plus space for more coolers and freezers. We have replaced the roof and brightened the color scheme. We carry a wide variety of products and not just what all the name-brand chains do: beer, cigarettes, and gasoline.