We have local area owners providing local products from certified kitchens, vegetable gardens and workshops, such as Scarinza’s Sugarhouse, Mount Cabot Maple, Six Acre Farm, Stonefish Bakery, Saladino’s, Sister’s Candy Shop, Corrigan Screen Printing and Swain Family and Middle Intervale Farms, and more.

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Merrily’s & Dan Joyful Farm
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Merrily & Dan Brennon own joyful farm on Gorham hill.They bought it as a homestead farm so they would not rely on processed foods. Together they raise dairy goats,chickens, quail and grow lots... Read More

Six Acre Farm
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Six Acre Farm is located in West Milan N.H. and offers a range of products produced at there farm for example 100% pure honey, farm fresh eggs, spring and winter mix and other... Read More